Unite Through the Night

 12 Aug 2022

Join Accessible Counselling Tullamore (ACT) on the 15th of October to mark World Mental Health Day.

We are asking the people of the Midlands to join us at Tullamore Harriers (or at your own location) where we will be walking united in our commitment to bring hope and help to people struggling with their mental health. We would love everyone to come along and join us anytime between 6pm and midnight and to walk with us for as long as you can.

You can register to walk at www.idonate.ie/unitethroughthenight  Cost: Over 16 - €15/Under 16 - €5. The night will kick off with an opening ceremony framed by the setting sun, there will be music by local artists and a brief opening address and a time for reflection.

The walk will then commence on the running track where everyone can walk at their own pace and meet people of all ages and backgrounds, each with their own story of why they are walking. The route is safe and clearly marked and there will be stewards and support crew on hand, gentle music playing and food and refreshments available by local vendors.

Every participant will be given a tea light to place along the track. These will line the route and will serve as a reminder of the importance of our mission – which is to support the people in our community maintain positive mental health. At ACT we do this by providing the people of the Midlands with accessible, affordable and timely counselling and psychotherapy but we must all play our part to support those around us that are struggling by engaging, listening and connecting with care. United, we can all take steps to promote positive mental health in our community.

The walk will conclude with a closing ceremony at Midnight, where we will stand together, each of us with our own journey that has led us here and we will vow to continue to unite together for a brighter tomorrow.

Please register to walk with us: Adult (16+) €15 Child (-16) €5. (Click the Register button)

To make a donation, just click on the Donate button.
Thank you for your support.
Contact : Lisa
Phone : 0579352879